(Sometimes, all you need, is another perspective.)

Health Techniques
With an extensive shared experience in Coaching and Design for Health, our team

can combine varied but proven techniques, so as to help your "allergies" disappear and

your health and harmony, become obvious and apparent.

Using proficiencies in a number of Self care, and Meditation styles,

considering Gnostic Herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies,

including Tai Chi, Reiki, Chi Kung, Yoga, and some Ayuvedic methods;

we can recommend new perspectives on time-honoured remedies and methods of healing.

Business Coaching
With excellent connections in business management, we can help you find

the loophole that needs to tighten, so as to get

the best from your business, health, or life path.

 Event Management 

We can plan, promote and coordinate your event, accessing and installing   

your Audio/Visual needs, AND recording your event for further publication.  

Artwork and Promotional Materials

 Without art, your life is dull and your business will not entice.   

Would you like a drawing of your favourite memory?   

Or, can we, together brainstorm and mind-map a way forward, through any difficult situation.  

From banners to brochures to blogs, as well as illustration and promotions   

for personal and corporate events, we’re experienced in a variety of design situations.  

Whatever your needs, however you want to improve your situation

whether it is through a healthy routine, or to improve business practice,   

promote your brand, announce a special event, or draw more Web traffic, Please, look no further.