As director, Juliah Faith is "many things to many people". She brings with her, a wealth of life experiences. Inspired friends will often refer to her as their go-to "trouble shooter".

Juliah has 3 children and 4 granddaughters, has endured many of Mother Nature's challenges, including three major floods, and three epic cyclones. The death of her son brought home, just how fragile life can be.

‚ÄčIn recent years, Julia has reinvented herself as "Nana DJ". Today, she produces electronic music and is developing business pathways and connections. She works both locally and internationally. Juliah is creating and accessing Binaural, Solfeggio and Isochronic Rhythms to make available to organised institutions, including Medicine and Education.

Juliah lives each day at 100%, saying YES to everything that can help achieve goals of sharing her wisdom with the world

 Julia's life experiences have brought her strength, resilience and original insights, rarely seen on this earth. Her profound wisdom and teachings will strengthen you.  

Juliah believes we can all comfortably live to 100 years of age, with the right attitude, determination and tools.  

Right attitude stems from knowing your purpose and committing to it fully.

Determination is doing the right things, the right way, at the right time.

 Tools include:  

Sound Therapies for inner balance.

Feng Shui for balancing the internal and external influences.

Wellness addresses the whole person, and their purpose.

The numbers, one to nine, refer to the time honoured "magic square". Holographically, these numbers have elements assigned to them, based on the principle of divine geometry.

Juliah uses those elements to divine the character of a persons current state and their highest potential. This forms the starting point for each personalised programme.