Sound Therapies

Music soothes the Soul

20 years online has changed everything about our world. Corporate media reminds us to beware, every time we open our eyes. General mental resilience is steadily plummeting.  

Yet.. converging research and development projects,

in once distinctly, separate fields, and countries, are moving towards stronger interconnectedness across a planet reeling in new depths of despair and dis-ease.

There are memes  and cliches that apply, but put simply:

we must cure our dis-ease, ourselves.

Recent discoveries and subsequent cutting-edge technologies are proving that sound can take you places, you may have never been. With over 40 years experience in a range of healing modalities, we've found that technical innovations, today, are being made by those who appreciate sound and its effects on our brain function.

Progressive developments within fields of
Binaural Beats, Isochronic Sounds and Solfeggio Frequencies
are supporting our globe to develop.. evolve.. and awaken
to fresh and exciting levels in a dawning age.


will direct you to where to get the best quality recordings and

sounds to rehabilitate, restore and reeducate your very own CPU

so that you accomplish peak performance, according to your needs.

We can, for your forum, also connect you with professional speakers

on cutting edge technologies in light and sound "gadgetry".

We’re open too new challenges and ideas.

If you don't see something on our service page, let’s chat about the other possibilities.

Give us a call to discuss your situation and see that we’re the perfect fit for your project.

Chances are, we’ll not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.