Feng Shui & Geomantic Tendencies

"Five Star" Feng Shui

Since 1988, we have been

helping people design their worlds to achieve
new levels of health, wealth and harmony in their chosen life paths.​

Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the strongest forms of Feng Shui Reading.

With almost 30 years of training in Flying Star Feng Shui (FSFS), in her toolkit,

Juliah's unique insight will bring you the direction and power, to reach your highest potential.

Those techniques, have been tried and tested over thousands of years,

and reference indigenous learning and practical methods.
They will support you in getting
the best in life, according to your deepest desires.

FSFS uses the compass to read the bio-energetics of a house or building,

according to when the roof was laid, and cannot be done without that date.

Using a combination of numbers, and Logical laws; the compass, read carefully,

can indicate specific areas in need of slight or drastic modification.

Other Chinese schools of Feng Shui,
bring us, already well-developed wisdoms of druidic geomancy and ritual.
Extending our knowledge into Flying Star using the "luopan", or Chinese Compass,

simplifies the task of locating specific points of "strange attraction".

Please ask these questions of yourself before contacting us:

Have you got a building that has changed your life recently?

Can you see yourself achieving more?

Would you like to have more people around you?

Are you committed to improving your future?

Launching a new product, service, or event and want to be noticed?

Does your business need a boost?

It’s essential to present yourself in a memorable way.

Our designs ensure you get the attention you deserve, from the spirits of
health, wealth and harmony.